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Hello, my name is Vitaliy, I am a contextual advertising since 2013. Dealt with small and large businesses. I guarantee, to beat your competitors thoroughly. Targeted traffic bullets will be aimed exactly at the heart of your customers

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Vitaliy Lyapun



Leads per month

73 %

Clients from contextual advertising Yandex Direct and Google Ads

180 thousand $

Company turnover per month

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Spare parts for special equipment

  • Objective: To increase the number of requests-calls and try to reduce the average. cost per conversion, with the same budget.
  • Average conversion per request/call - 7.2%
  • Average CPC - 2.42$
  • Application/call price - 8.85$
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Leads per month

95 %

All clients from Yandex Direct contextual advertising

1100 $

Advertising turnover per month

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Sale of conveyor belts and components

  • Task: Increase the number of applications and try to reduce the average. cost per conversion, with the same budget.
  • Average conversion per request/call - 8.25%
  • Average CPC - 1$.
  • Application/call price - 12$
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Clients for 2 months

90 %

All clients from the search engine Yandex Direct and Google Ads

215 thousand $

Minimum turnover of the company for 2 months

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Rims and Tires

Sale of Wheels and Tires for cars and trucks

  • Task: Snatch as much traffic as possible from Contextual Advertising
  • Average conversion per request/call - 0.85%
  • Average CPC - 0.08$
  • Application/call price - 4.75$
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Goals and objectives of your business 1


For Setting 2


Ad texts 3




For advertisement management 5


Your site 6

Parsing assertion

Data scraping Semantic core 7


Details in advertising campaigns 8

Account replenishment

Top up account balance 9

Ammo magazine load

Of traffic bullets on your competitors 10

Free audit of advertising campaigns

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How will I fire in your competitors

I will find all the strengths and weaknesses

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Remove the safety lock, pass moderation in Yandex and Google

Reloading and starting Retargeting-Remarketing-DN-YAN

I will choose the right caliber for the ad text

I will load the magazine with keywords

I will start traffic shooting from search engines

Full hit analysis using Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics